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Dr. Aleksey Nesterenko and his team are committed to providing solution-oriented hair transplant surgeries at affordable prices. Our experienced healthcare team consists of highly trained professionals with tremendous competence in hair transplantation surgery.
We have distinct services through which we can provide:
  • Before and after the procedure consultancy
  • A simulation to understand the procedures' complexity and success.
Regular checkups
The most delicate surgeries in our clinic are performed by qualified expert Dr. Aleksey Nesterenko, who has years of experience in hair transplant surgeries and PRP treatments.
Only single-use medical equipment
We employ only single-use medical equipment for hair transplantation and other treatments.

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Top-quality service
Honest approach and working ethics
We don't charge more than the initial price given to our patients during the operation planning phase. In addition, Dr. Aleksey Nesterenko makes regular checkups with our former patients to monitor their postoperative recovery.
International standards
Equal services to both men and women according to the international standards
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Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about hair transplantation in our clinic and how it can help you. Our assistants will contact you as soon as possible to prepare your treatment, explain the next steps, and what you can expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time for hair transplantation?
You should schedule a consultation if you're concerned about your hair loss. As soon as you reach Norwood 3, you should begin a hair restoration treatment (the earliest stage of male pattern hair loss).

In order to have the greatest before-and-after hair transplant surgery results, both men and women who are considering surgical hair restoration for their alopecia (hair loss) often seek answers to the following concerns:
Is it ever too late for hair transplantation?
The answer to this question is fairly broad and depend on a variety of factors that influence the success of hair transplantation. As a result, individual differences (cause of hair loss, trend of hair loss, donor density, and lifestyle) are sometimes overlooked.
When is the best time for hair transplantation?
There is no optimal or ideal age for hair transplant, because the most important considerations are whether the hair loss pattern is noticeable and whether the patient has enough donor density for a hair transplantation.

For a patient with advanced baldness, assertions like "the best age for guys to receive a hair transplant is in their 40s" or "hair transplants should be avoided in the 30s" may be misleading. It is important to note that if a patient is completely bald, even in the donor location, a hair transplantation may be too late (such patients are not suitable candidates for hair transplantation).
Who isn't the right candidate for hair transplantation?
Although the majority of people are suitable candidates for a hair transplantation, there are a few exceptions, as follows:
  • People with alopecia areata, which is a type of alopecia that occurs from birth (baldness since birth)
  • People with infections caused by viruses and bacteria
  • Haemophilia, which is a blood ailment that causes baldness (a condition in which blood does not clot) or total baldness due to insufficient donor density.
Among these impediments, donor density is the most common issue that prevents hair transplant applicants from undergoing the treatment.
Beard to Hair Transplant
When the patient's scalp donor supply is insufficient and the bald patches are too vast to be covered, hair transplantation with beard grafts is usually performed. Beard grafts that have been in the anagen (growth) phase for a long time are a great alternate donor source for hair transplantation.

Beard grafts are thicker than grafts on the back of the head. Because of this, the hair grafts from the beard are transplanted in the top and crown areas to produce more volume in the transplanted area. However, this may not be the ideal option for frontal hair restoration, such as hair transplantation to lower hairline.
Body Hair Transplantation
For males seeking a hair transplant, body hair is recognised as a third source of graft harvest. Chest hair can be a suitable alternate source of hair follicles in hair transplantation if grafts from the back of the head and the beard area are insufficient to cover the bald spots. Body hair is regarded as the third extra donor source in hair transplantation for two reasons.

Body hair transplants, particularly chest hair, resemble beard grafts in that they are thick and include one or two hairs.

Body hair grows substantially shorter because the anagen phase of growth is much shorter.
However, unlike beard hair grafts, hair follicles taken from the chest cannot be used in frontal hair restoration.
Why is the hair transplantation the best treatment for hair loss?
Hair transplantation is the most efficient hair restoration procedure since the transplanted hairs appear, feel, and function exactly like the patient's own hair because they are his or her own hair (unlike a wig that may possibly fall off the head at any time).

It is a safe painless outpatient procedure with long-term results that and minimally invasive.

Another advantage of FUE and DHI is that surgeon can use them to treat hair loss in other parts of the body, such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, and face (loss of facial hair), using the following techniques:
  • Brow hair transplantation
  • Facial hair and beard transplantation
  • Eyelash transplantation
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