Seamless hair transplantation, it is easily undergone and leaves no visible marks.
Hair transplantation in Riga
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About us

Dr. Aleksey Nesterenko and his team are committed to providing solution-oriented hair transplant surgeries at affordable prices. Our experienced healthcare team consists of highly trained professionals with tremendous competence in hair transplantation surgery.
  • We have distinct services through which we can provide:
    • Before and after the procedure consultancy
    • A simulation to understand the procedures' complexity and success.
  • Regular checkups
    The most delicate surgeries in our clinic are performed by qualified expert Dr. Aleksey Nesterenko, who has years of experience in hair transplant surgeries and PRP treatments.
  • Only single-use medical equipment
    We employ only single-use medical equipment for hair transplantation and other treatments.

Наши услуги

Высокое качество и сервис
Eyebrow transplant
from 2000 €
Beard and moustache transplantation
from 2000 €
Follicular unit extraction
Follicular unit transplantation
Direct hair transplantation
Online Consultation Form
Go through the step-by-step quiz and we will select the type of hair transplantation that is suitable exclusively for you
Our strengths
Work ethic and honest approach
We do not exceed the initial price quoted to our patients at the planning stage of surgery. In addition, Dr Alexei Nesterenko conducts regular check-ups with our former patients to monitor their post-surgery period
100% guaranteed transplantation under contract
Any stage of baldness
Our clinic guarantees hair growth for a lifetime. Our doctor is always on call to answer any questions.
Our doctor works with any stage of baldness. He will carry out a consultation and then prescribe the surgery that is right for you.
International standards
Equal services for men and women according to international standards
Hair transplantation in one day
The complete hair transplantation cycle will take only 1 day.
Painless procedure
We use modern, premium equipment. Our team will make sure that every client is comfortable and safe during the surgery.
how is the operation done?
During surgery, our doctors perform graft transplantation into the area of baldness
The day after the procedure, there is a special scalp wash and doctor's examination. We provide all the necessary tools and instructions to help the surgical area heal quickly, ensuring our patients' comfort and effective recovery.
You will undergo several analyses and we will give you a preoperative briefing.
You will notice the first changes 2-3 months after the operation. The full and final result of hair transplantation will be visible after 6-12 months
Donor hair (most often from the occipital or temporal area) is extracted with a special FUE instrument.
The clinic team performs a thorough cleaning of the hair follicles under a microscope. We remove excess skin so that the follicle is clean and ready for transplantation
You sign a contract on medical services, where all the details and conditions are spelled out
At this stage, the doctor conducts an examination, studies preliminary photos of the patient before hair loss, and determines the optimal donor zones and the required number of grafts for the procedure. Dr Alexei Nesterenko will advise you on the procedure, answer your questions and make an individual plan.
Which hair transplant technique to choose?
The result of the transplant depends directly on the correct selection of the technique. The selection is made by the doctor after a consultation and photo examination. Today, the most common transplant techniques are sutureless transplant techniques.
FUE transplantation
DHI hair transplantation
Description of the technique:
donor hair is extracted with FUE micromotors, then the channels are opened with micro sapphire blades (smaller than conventional sapphire blades), after which the hair is implanted with a DHI implanter handle and inserted into the skin.
Description of the technique: donor hair is extracted with FUE micromotors, then the channels are opened with micro sapphire blades (smaller than conventional sapphire blades), after which the hair is implanted with a DHI implanter handle and inserted into the skin.
Suitable for which areas
hair restoration on the top of the head, hair restoration on the forehead (except for the hair growth line), beard hair transplantation.
hairline restoration, forehead hair restoration (for a more natural and natural result), eyebrow transplantation.
Hair density:
20-30 grafts per 1 square cm.
40-60 grafts per 1 square cm.
a budget-friendly technique, it is performed faster.
99% survival rate (as grafts during graft implantation are protected by the walls of the hollow needle), due to micro sapphire blades it is possible to place twice as many grafts per 1 The result is a more natural looking hair that is indistinguishable from natural hair.
60-80% survival rate (some grafts die, as they are not protected during implantation), the density is 2 times lower than that of DHI hair transplantation.
costs more, takes a few hours longer to perform
Dr Aleksey Nesterenko
Discoverer of the Sapphire FUE method in Latvia;
Discoverer of the DHI method in Latvia;
The only surgeon in Latvia who performs hair transplants using the DHI method.
The doctor uses manual and motorised method of hair follicle extraction;
Member of the Latvian Association of Surgeons (LĶA);
Associate member of the International Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons (ISHRS);
Provides consultations to patients from all over the world
Ask the Doctor
Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about hair transplantation in our clinic and how it can help you. Our assistants will contact you as soon as possible to prepare your treatment, explain the next steps, and what you can expect.

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You should schedule a consultation if you're concerned about your hair loss. As soon as you reach Norwood 3, you should begin a hair restoration treatment (the earliest stage of male pattern hair loss).

In order to have the greatest before-and-after hair transplant surgery results, both men and women who are considering surgical hair restoration for their alopecia (hair loss) often seek answers to the following concerns:

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